AA Center Director William W. Parsons
AA-A Deputy Director Janet E. Petro
AA-B Associate Director for Business Operations James E. Hattaway, Jr.
AA-C Associate Director for Engineering and Technical Operations Michael E. Wetmore
LX Acting Associate Program Manager, Constellation Program at KSC Pepper E. Phillips
LX Director, Constellation Project Office Pepper E. Phillips
AJ Manager, Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity Tara L. Gillam
JP Executive Director, Cape Canaveral Spaceport Management Office Napoleon A. Carroll
GG Chief Financial Officer Susan P. Kroskey
MK Manager, Launch Integration Office LeRoy E. Cain
VA Manager, Launch Services Program Stephen M. Francois
OP Director, Procurement Office Dudley R. Cannon, Jr.
BA Director, Human Resources Office Tracy L. Anania
XA Director, External Relations Lisa A. Malone
CC Chief Counsel Jerald D. Stubbs
KT Director, Applied Technology David E. Bartine
SA Director, Safety and Mission Assurance Shannon D. Bartell
PH Director, Launch Vehicle Processing Directorate Rita G. Willcoxon
UB Director, ISS & Spacecraft Processing Directorate Russell R. Romanella
TA Director, Center Operations Michael J. Benik
IT Director, Information Technology & Communications Services Michael J. Bolger
NE Director, Engineering Development Patrick A. Simpkins